Selling a home requires someone who knows the market and can be your advocate.  Here's why IDEAL is your neighborhood expert!

Top Performance!

IDEAL Real Estate has been the top performing realtor in this area for 17 years! IDEAL strives to continue that award by offering the best service, unmatched expertise, and by treating each of our customers as the most important!

Member of MLS

IDEAL Realty is a member of MLS, which means your listing will become available to over 110 realtors with customers looking for their IDEAL home.  Your home could be it!  Also included with MLS, your listing automatically feeds to popular website search engines and sights such as Zillow and  

IDEAL Real Estate is local

IDEAL Real Estate is home grown.  We are the only local realtor/broker office, so your commission dollars stay right here in our community.  We are proud to reinvest in our community, and are proud members of the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce and Ellsworth Kiwanis Club.  We sponsor local events, and love our Ellsworth Bearcats!

Marketing for you!

With your listing, we begin an aggressive marketing campaign, flooding our media streams with your home.  From social media to newsletters to online tours, we work hard to bring your house to a closing! 

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Joni Glaser, Broker/Realtor, Ideal Real Estate

302 D. Douglas Ave.

Ellsworth, KS 67439



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